A Poem for Gloria

Originally Written on 12-5-12  Screams, angry red flames, burst alive, splitting the midnight black void. Purple tipped inferno, pushes across withering flesh. The color of indifference, the paint by number homeless refugee. Steel gray fog swallows an investigation, stillborn, absence … Continue reading


Originally Written on 12-19-12 Yet again, we find ourselves dealing with the slaughter of the innocent.  Four times in the last few years we turned on our televisions, only to see weeping survivors: husbands, wives, citizens—casualties of mayhem all.  But … Continue reading


Originally Written on 2-13-13 Call of Duty.  Assassins Creed.  We have turned war into a game.  The blood flows easily and in brilliant red—but that blood isn’t real.  But there is real blood that is shed.  War is not a … Continue reading


Coming back from vacation and rereading my journals I ran across this article that I had written two years back of a sad death of an old man: “Art?  What’s wrong?” I asked hoping against hope to keep my voice … Continue reading