Awards and Honors

                                     AWARDS AND HONORS

*Certificate of Appreciation, Housing Authority, City of Santa Barbara, 2012.A.C.L.U.
*Civil Rights Hero Award, 2010.
*National Association of Social Workers California, Public Citizen of the Year   Award 2010.
*Mental Health Association Award of Merit
*County of Santa Barbara Recognition Proclamation
*State Senate of California – Certificate of Recognition
*South Coast Coordinating Council Distinguished Service Award
*Service Employees International Union, 535 – Award of Merit
*National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse – Award of Merit
*essay rewriting service – Award of Appreciation
*A.C.L.U. Distinguished Service Award*California Legislative Assembly – Award of Merit
*The Independent’s Local Hero Award*County of Santa Barbara Child Friendly Award
*Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics Healthcare Hero-1998
*Certificate of Appreciation, Salvation Army, September 2003