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Fractured Angel

ken williams fractured angel front coverFrom Sakura Publishing’s Official Website:
 How would you go about trying to help your daughter who, suffering her first psychotic break at fifteen, is chased by her wounded mind to the streets of Santa Barbara? That is the dilemma that Lynne Swanson faces. Out of her element, and definitely out of her comfort zone for this professional woman, she is forced to seek the help of Kerry Wilson, a social worker for the homeless. Unfortunately for her, Kerry is a rough-necked loner that has no inclination to hold the hand of a woman who he feels is out for a lark at the expense of his homeless clients. The harsh and deadly realities of the streets in one of the wealthiest cities in the world and an attempt to close a homeless shelter just as winter sets in produces a dramatic race against time with the life of Lynne’s daughter in the balance. TO BUY ON AMAZON, CLICK HERE!


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Shattered Dreams, A Story of the Streets

shattered dreams book coverKyle Walker, a social worker for the homeless, finds life hard in his California coastal community. The horrors of his time in Vietnam haunt his nights, and depression and guilt over the death of his wife rule his days. Walker’s intense dedication to his job led him to buy cheap papers, and his tremendous regret drives a wedge between him and his daughter, Cheyenne.
Mercy is a homeless schizophrenic, a “wingnut” in the vocabulary of the streets. Brady, a homeless alcoholic, is her protector. When he is brutally beaten by classmates of Cheyenne, Mercy’s life is endangered as the sole witness. Fighting her tormenting inner voices, Mercy seeks Kyle’s help, but he is distracted by the needs of his other homeless clients, including a hooker who is a junkie and has managed to touch his soul. Almost too late, Kyle realizes the very real danger Mercy and Cheyenne face when Brady dies, and his killers aren’t finished.
Shattered Dreams is a memorable story about the pain, fears, hopes, and dreams of the homeless and those who commit their lives to serving them. It portrays the human side of the mentally ill who find the streets their home.

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china white book coverDuring the Vietnam War, a CIA field agent becomes addicted to the adrenaline rush of combat. Now, thirty years later, this need for the rush collides with his attempt to resurrect the old pipelines for China White from the Golden Triangle. This interplay forces two men who were enemies during the war-an ex-Marine and an ex-North Vietnamese soldier-to work together when this highly potent form of heroin brings death and destruction to their community.
For Shane Wilson, the ex-Marine drug counselor, the introduction of China White not only has devastating consequences for his clients, but tears open old wounds and calls into question a nightmare from the war that he assumed until now was not based on reality.
China White highlights the emotional ties that bind the Vietnamese American community and Vietnam veterans, and the lingering wounds and unspoken myths from that war.

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There Must Be Honor

there-must-be-honor book coverIn one of the world’s most beautiful places, amid swaying palms and ocean breezes, Ken Williams battles death and hopelessness. In There Must Be Honor, Ken traces a journey behind the golden façade of Santa Barbara’s scenery and into the panting heart of its streets. He calls for honor, for remembrance, for compassion, for the least of us—the hardcore homeless, many of whom are, like him, veterans of our nation’s wars. Remember the battlefield with him, and then return to the present as he faces down new enemies in another kind of struggle—the struggle to create compassion. Meet the people he serves, the friends he makes, and the loved ones he loses in his daily journey. There Must Be Honor represents his call for others to join him on that road to hope and a better future. Ken has won numerous accolades and awards for his many years of dedication, and his writing in this volume gives poetic reality to what is often an invisible struggle.    

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