We marched
in sunshine
rain soaked
young, old
gay, straight
black, brown, yellow, red, white
women, men, children

We marched
ten thousand strong
San Luis Obispo
500,000 Washington
quarter of a million Chicago
one hundred thousand Denver
across American, around the world

We marched because we must
saying never to the Sexual Assaulter-In-Chief
we marched for those who cannot
for the planet slowly dying
racing faster death of nuclear winter

For unity in the face of madness
against the Id without Superego boundaries
to stand against ICE raids
on workers who toil
for the food we eat, the houses
we live in

We march for those who will be
named as the new enemy
when the real enemy is hate
prejudice and the assault
by Goldman Sachs against
workers, students, the poor

Finally we march for not to
would make us the Good German
We march because history will judge
our children will also
when they ask
What did you do when America
was threatened by the red darkness
of a soulless heart
We marched
Posted: Huffington Post, 1-22-17