Treblinka’s Children

Their thinness

sticks to our consciousness.

No feast

round out

their sticky limbs.


Hallow eyes of children

stares caught on barb wire.


why is this so?


Black clad carrions

man guard post

Watching humanity scurry ’bout.

Death Heads evilness




Cold frost tumble

from shriveled lips

Ushering silent prays

for death’s release.


“Why is this so?”

The child beseeches.

Why not?

When good people indifferent

evil births.


That indifference

fertilizer for unspeakable savagery

till our faith becomes its casualty.


Our heralded believe in God

becomes a mockery


backs turn

to the stripped people.


To the children raised in gray

Pajama clad

stick figures

suckling bleakness of hope.


Why? is no answer.

A lame excuse

in the frozen stare

of children robbed of youth.



Our conscience


Humanity, “I accuse,”

the child’s prayer.


Forgiveness not mine to give

belonging to the thins.

Remembrance my lifelong task.

Their souls

one with mine.


In the still of the night

nightmares nudging peaceful dreams.

Their whispers scream

shattering forgetfulness.


I’m sorry.

Not enough.

Conversations with

souls departed

anguish shared,

a beginning.


Youth to the left.

Locks of gray,



Where did they take you?

Why have you forsaken me?


In another time

was I one of them?

Staring through barbed wire

at soulless men.


In another time

Will I become one?

Stared at, through barbed wire

by soulless men.


In another time.

Will humanity

find it’s soul?

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